The KUGB runs a number of events throughout the year, please see below for more details. If you have an event which you wish to add to this page then please contact your regional secretary.

We also offer services to sync this calendar of events to your computer or mobile devices, see instructions on this page.



Sync Events

In order to provide syncronisation with the events where your calendar will automatically change to reflect ammendments, please select the appropriate platform or device for more instructions:-

iPhoneiPhone / iPad -

  • select "Settings" on your phone
  • Select "Mail, Contact, Calendars
  • Select "Add Account..."
  • Select "Other"
  • Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  • Type next to "Server", press "Next" button
  • Change Description to "KUGB", press "Save" button

AndroidAndroid -

  • Open Googe Calendars on PC or web browsers on phone
  • From the "Other Calendars" section on the left, choose "Add by URL"
  • In pop up windows enter webcal:// for the URL and select "Add Calendar"
  • Your phone should then pick up this setting

OutlookMicrosoft Outlook -

  • Select Calendar
  • From top menu select "Folder"
  • Select "Open Calendar" in "Shared" section, then "From Internet..."
  • Enter location as: webcal://
  • "Add this Internet Calendar to outlook and subscribe to updates?" - Select "Yes"

Download Events

To simply download the events as an iCal file which can be imported into Outlook or similar calendars DOWNLOAD HERE, this file will provide a snapshot in time of the currently known events. If an event is changed or additional events are added you calendar will not change to reflect these ammendments, however it is the simplest form of populating a calendar.

Depending on your system you might have to save the file then select Import